Stepping off the Treadmill


Welcome to my blog of adventures and ideas.

I’m an actor/director, calligrapher, writer, teacher and arts administrator. If you are looking for my professional side, check my website at This blog is different. It’s more personal. It’s about my journeys. There’s some history, some travel, some recipes.

My husband Tim Wynne-Jones is an award winning author and teacher at Vermont College of Fine Arts. (Check out his website at We’ve been together since 1974, and there have been a lot of adventures over the years. On August 1, 2011, we left our regular lives to travel in the U.K. and Europe for a year. We were asking questions about who we are as artists and re-kindling our sense of curiosity about the world.

That trip began this blog. It’s a travelogue, with personal stories. It’s an exploration of ideas. It’s a food column with recipes. It’s a blog on and off the road. Still asking questions. Still searching.

Please feel free to join in. I appreciate hearing from you.

Amanda West Lewis

7 thoughts on “Stepping off the Treadmill”

  1. Reads like a movie we saw recently; the picnic sur l’herbe, the market scene, the view from the beautifully covered table en plein air plus the uninvited guest sequence. What a hoot guys. You sound happy. Wonderful!

    We are awaiting much much needed rain. in spite of the drought the harvest is abundant…aubergines, courgettes, haricots, fenouils, mais et beaucoup de fleurs. Merveilleux! A toute a l’heure. Joni oox

  2. It is so great to see that you are having a great time in Europe. We were your neighbors for many years (Cameron Side Road). I took an Algonquin class from Tim (children;s literature) and my daughter Kathleen took a summer theatre program from Amanda at PDCI. We also shared soccer parent duties.

    1. I remember you and Kathleen very well. Please give her my best! It’s been a long time. I hope that your own travels have taken you to interesting places.

  3. Dear Tim and Amanda, my art class (that I take as a hobby) had a brief in 2013 to modernize Renoir’s Boating Party. I started scanning the internet for images that might inspire me and found your picture. To me it was perfect for my brief, informal, good possibilities to play with light and dark, and as in the Renoir painting no eye contact although there is a strong sense of the enjoyment of each other. I only finished my painting this week. We had our annual charity art auction this week and your painting was sold. The proceeds will be distributed to needy schools in Stellenbosch South Africa. Thank you for yor picture that you posted.

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