Bryan’s Famous Ratatouille

Anyone who knows Bryan will know his Ratatouille. It is his signature dish and exemplifies what is best in cooking – use the best ingredients, cook them quickly, make a lot and let it sit so that you can eat it over several days.

There are no quantities here. When I asked about how much of each vegetable should be used he said, “As it comes”. So use what you have, as much as you have, to make the quantity you wish.  Sop it up with lots of fresh bread.

You’ll Need:

Lots of olive oil




Green & Red Peppers



A bulb of garlic, mashed

Herbs de Province

3-4 hot chilies (depending on how much spice you want)

  1. Chop all vegetables coarsely. Keep the pieces large or it will go into a mush.
  2. Fry each vegetable separately. This is very important. It will take time. Pour yourself a glass of cooking wine. As you finish one vegetable, put it into a large casserole dish.
  3. When you come to your last vegetable, whatever it is, add the mashed garlic, lots of herbs and your chilies, scrapping up all of the goodness from the bottom of the fry pan.
  4. Mix everything together. Cook 1 hour at 130° C (270°F)
  5. Leave for a day if possible and warm up as needed.

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